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  • Dana P

    Hi Darlene,

    Thank you for reaching out to the support team here!

    What I can do is to add your voice to this particular feature request where we are tracking these. While I apologize that this is currently not a feature available to our customers, you may want to explore creating a separate workspace just for the app you want to give access.

    When creating a workspace, the space is automatically set to " Private - invite only" and you can then clone your application into that space. Once set up, you would then be able to invite only those members who need access to it. Our guide to cloning can be found here -


    Hope this helps, as I know it is not a perfect solution.


    Dana - Podio

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  • Karey Kumli

    Duplicating an app in order to provide access to various users requires duplicating any modifications to the twin apps going forward. Currently we have the option to share an entire workspace - or a single app item. Sharing an app itself fills the gap in the middle.

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  • Jonathan Bueno

    I second this. This makes it very difficult to add people to the team without showing them our entire workspace with confidential information. Will this be added at some point soon?

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