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  • Joel Ordesky

    Martin the official line is there are not plans to do anything with this function in the near term. 

    In part, I can conjecture that, as I have personally experienced, setting up a MySQL server is complex and lots of things can get out whack.  Even in a perfect MySQL implementation there may be issues where the sync is not complete if something is updated via a flow and the webhook was not enabled and hence the sync did not update the MySQL server. 

    I know that I recently discovered that Podio Workflow Automation does not support MySQL v8.x as the authentication method is not supported. I have it on good authority that there are no plans to do anything with the SQLSync anytime in the near future so you are stuck using MySQL 5.x for now. 

    There are other ways. Procfu has some tools that would help and I know that Techego's SYNC function can be used to sync a copy out and then feed a MySQL server. 

    There are stories out there of strange behavior by the existing beta feature but it is just as likely that some combination of hook/non-hook events as well as MySQL issues are to blame as I know others who swear by it. 

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