Restriction when exporting to Excel



  • Люмос 22

    I am also interested in the limit of elements in the application. 500,000 is very little.

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  • Bill Carovano

    You'll need to break up your app into separate views of 20,000 or fewer items in order to export to Excel.  Then you can export the items in each view individually.

    Note that Podio is not intended or engineered to be a general-purpose database used to store millions of items in a single app.  For use cases where more than 500,000 records need to be stored in a single table, some Podio users use a relational database such as mySQL.  There are Podio extensions such as Procfu that can integrate Podio with mySQL. 

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  • Lyla Reichert

    Excel does not deal with that amount of data very well. You are better off with a database program - they are designed for large data sets. Access is the database program included in the Microsoft Office suite.

    This sounds like research with highly specialised or possibly even bespoke equipment. Does the manufacturer make any recommendations on how to deal with the massive .tsv files their equipment outputs or offer any customer support you could ask? What about other people who have used the equipment before? They probably encountered the same issue.





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