Workflow to automatically set a relationship field



  • Jason Martin

    I believe that what you are asking for is very doable. Any chance of sending a screenshot of what you have set up?

    I am far from an expert but I certainly have multiple scenarios where I only need to reference one item when something is created and then because that reference point has other things that it references, it pulls in those references automatically through a flow.

    For instance if you create a new item and you reference one contact a flow can be set up to automatically pull in that contact's company and then as a result it can pull in other contacts within your company who deal with that customer's company but the only point you entered initially was a specific customer.

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Mike, 

    of course this is possible with Globiflow. There are multiple ways to achieve it. It depends on your use case which way you can go. 

    It would be helpful if you could tell more details what you want to do. For example: Is it always the same item you want to reference (then you use the Podio Item ID of that item) or do you need to search for items which match certain criteria? 
    It's also helpful to see a screenshot of a flow you created for this. 


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  • Jason Pickell

    Hi Rainer, i am having this same issues as well



    To put it in perspective.

    I am creating a new Projects app every-time from a webform automation. When this app is created, i ma triggering it to create other apps that i will need for the project. The issue is, i cannot get the relationships to attach from the apps to my specific project app. I would have to go in manually to all the newly created apps to attach them is my issue. 

    I get as far as the app creation and even had a citrix autoamtion to attach the apps but the wrong app # is getting pulled. I need it to attach to the app that triggered the new apps creation. 

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