Maximum revision Podio item (5000)



  • Dana P

    Hi Thomas,

    We appreciate you reaching out to us here in the forum!

    While there is not a way to know when that revision would be close, what I can do is add your voice to our feature-set list so that our team understands your needs going forward.

    All the best,

    Dana - Podio


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  • Thomas Wouters

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you for your answer.
    In other words, we don't know when the limit is reached and functionality stops working without alert, we can't possibly know, and that there are consqequences for all involved.

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  • Marc Decroos

    there is revision info in each item. So you could use API calls to monitor your critical APPS.

    "revisions": The latest 8 revisions of the item sorted descending by date [ { "revision": The revision number, ... (see the get revisions operation for details)

    When Revision number is near the limit send alert or take actions ...

    Items | Get item - Podio API Documentation

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  • Bill Carovano

    Hi Thomas

    Within a Podio Workflow automation flow, you can call a Procfu script to get the number of revisions for an item

    If you aren't already familiar with it, Procfu is a very widely-used Podio extension that simplifies access to the Podio API.

    You could set up a regular by date/day flow that checks the revision count for an item, and if it is getting close to 5,000, you can create a new item to replace the existing one, and then delete the old one.

    I have used this technique in the Podio systems I manage.


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