Take advantage of our newest PDF engine for improved HTML rendering



  • Benedetta Praolini

    A changelog of what has changed with the new engine could be really usefull! 

    At fist sight seems that the new engine don't support the "<pagebreak />" anymore. 

    Can you please say us the name of the library that you are using to generate pdf from html? is it proprietary software or is something public?  This information could be really usefull to find extra documentation on how to use the pdf generator

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    I agree, a changelog would be very useful.
    FYI: "<pagebreak />" still works in the new engine. 

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  • System Admin

    I have a flow with pdf create made in March this year which says it is with v1 of the engine which was stopped in 2016. How is this true? What might be the isuse?

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