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  • Mark Cannon

    Hi Miguel,

    I'm not sure I understand what your recommendation is. I am not on the Dev Team, I'm just a user, but I'd like to understand what, specifically, you are recommending.



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  • Miguel Neves

    Hi Mark

    Probably you guys call it another name, but basically, the ability for us to choose on a relationship field, which field on App x we want to pull the information.

    i.e - I have 2 Fields in the app Companies related to the Contacts app. "Company group / Operator" and "Branches / Properties"

    On the Contacts App "Branch" relationship field, I want to pull the information from companies app, only on the Branches field.

    Right now you can only suck up that information from the Top field, I believe.

    On another side, the ability to filter only the Branches related to the Company that we choose in the first place would be another great improvement. 

    In some other Systems, they call it Parent-Child dependencies.

    Podio is a great tool, but this kind of thing would be a big plus, along with some other ones, of course.




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