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Data Retention & Privacy Updates

As you might have seen, we have recently updated our security and data protection terms and included them in our Terms of Services. The updated terms include a detailed description of the security controls used across Citrix’s services, as well as data processing terms that align to the applicable sections of the GDPR.

Check this Citrix FAQ or the related Help Centre article if you have any questions related to GDPR and Podio.

Additionally, we have the following updates available -

Updated Privacy Policy

We have a new unified privacy policy available for Podio and GlobiFlow as a part of Citrix. The updated privacy policy is available here.

Product Updates

We have a new profile deletion tool available for customers who require this. This can be used to remove profile information from a user who no longer wish to have personal information displayed on Podio (and for some reason don't have access to their email account to login and update the information on their own).

Before making use of this tool, we recommend customers to offer guidelines to their employees and invited clients on how to manually update and control their profile information and account settings. This functionality is fully in the individual users own control.

Read more about the new tool here.

Overall, we enable users and customers to erase their information from Podio following these guidelines. In order to manually update and delete profile information, the individual user should update their profile to remove any information and delete their account. By default, we save history and information created by the user in the workspaces for the business owner or organisation admin to determine what data will be required for future business operations.

Data Retention

We will be enforcing a more strict policy around data retention in the future, and we want to ensure you are all in the loop for this upcoming change. In the future we will be retaining data for inactive free accounts for 13 months.

Therefore, we will soon be communicating to all inactive free user accounts that have not logged in to Podio account for more than 13 months. The users in an inactive state will have 30 days to activate their Podio account (login required) before their data and account will be deleted. 

We will be sending email notifications to individual user accounts prior to deletion to ensure everyone will have a chance to login and activate the account prior to deleting data. 

Let us know if you have questions!

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Hi Marcus,

Good question. For a signed copy we have a few options available. See information here.

We have both an English and German form available to be sent for signature. We will be using Citrix RightSignature to send the document directly to the signature authority. In order to do that, please complete one of the following webforms:

English agreement:  
German agreement:

If you are a Citrix Enterprise customer, you also have the option to obtained a signed copy within your Citrix "My account" page. 

 In order to complete a Data Processing Agreement from Citrix "My account":

  1. Go to and Sign In to your Citrix My Account,
  2. Click “View Data Processing Agreement” on the left side, and
  3. Accept the Online Data Processing Agreement electronically.

Hope this helps!

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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Hi Sara,

It helps 👍 but know I'm a bit confused: What is the difference between a standard "Data Processing Agreement" (thats what I need with you) and Citrixs "Data Processing Addendum". Is this the same?

P.S.: Thank's for your great work and support over the last years here in Podio 💪

Marcus Herrmann 0 votes
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Marcus, this is the exact same agreement!

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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We are now receiving notifications that a few of our inactive free accounts will be deleted if not re-activated, and that's fine for those accounts.  I just want to make sure that when those accounts are deleted that any records that were entered in to Podio by those accounts when they were active will still remain?  I.e., their accounts will be deleted but the records in our overall system will remain.  Is that correct?

Thank you!

Cameron Duffey 0 votes
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