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  • Pete Cuff

    Hi go to your account email and notification settings and you can deactivate on screen notifications. This leaves the unread notification and chat symbols and counts, but hides the onscreen preview.

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  • Lyla Reichert

    It's showing two unread conversations that are probably "fake" and never go away.
    How can I remove it completely?

    • Night mode: false

    • RES Version: 5.10.3

    • Browser: Chrome

    • Browser Version: 65

    • Cookies Enabled: true

    • Reddit beta: false




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  • Dana P

    Hi Lyla,

    Thank you for contacting us here for support and guidance information.

    Chat messages will move down towards the bottom as newer ones are created. However, if you have any more questions, kindly open up a private support case with our team here - https://support.citrix.com/cscase#/podio

    Dana - Podio

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  • Denis kelley

    Hello go to your account electronic mail and notification settings and Feed Kroger Login you can deactivate on display screen notifications. This leaves the unread notification and chat symbols and counts, however hides the onscreen preview

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  • Grant Elliot

    No, the Podio Chat cannot be turned off at the user's will. Messages will still be received, but notifications can be disabled for uninterrupted client presentations and screen sharing.

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  • ehall pass

    Hello Lyla, Appreciate your reaching out for support and guidance. As new messages come in, the chat history will descend.

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