New Video/Audio Calling solution needed ASAP



  • Rachel Bentley

    I agree. We need robust communication tools now that we are working remotely and offices across the world are in the same boat. Podio should live up to what they promised. If not today, have a plan in place to fill this gap as quickly as possible.

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  • Dana P

    Hi Glenn,

    Hope your day finds you well! 

    I deeply apologize that we are no longer able to provide the use this feature at this time. However, we are currently in the process of looking for an alternative.

    In the meantime, a good recommendation would be to use Zoom, which is available here:



    Podio - Dana


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  • Maeve Richmond

    I agree! Please integrate Zoom or Google Meet asap. Podio still shows the logo as an option when you select Add To Calendar in a meeting App. This company changed to some time back... this is VERY old and outdated info. Please update us to something working and more productive as soon as possible. Zoom, Google Meet, these are all robust tools that the world has been using for months now during COVID-19. We'd love a Podio integration asap! 

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  • Magnolia Blue

    Agree with everyone here... this would be a game-changer if this was fixed!

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