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Relationship with 3 apps

Hello, i am struggling with the following situation.

I have 2 apps to store the incomming (App1) and the outcommming (App2) itens from my shop. Both are related to app 3, wich one has all products registred on it. (the relationship is given by the product i have selected in apps 1 and 2 from app 3)

App3 should return me how many itens I have in my stock by doing a simple calculation:

Remaining itens in mu  stock: @sum of number of product x bought (app1) - @sum of produtc x sold (app2)


But at the calculation fileld, I am only able to see "@sum of number of product x bought" even though I have both App1 and App2 related to App 3.


the calculation is simple: Input - output, but i cant select the output number to finish the calculation, does anyone knows what i am doing wrong?


Eduardo Mezzavilla

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