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"weeks to go" calculation and refresh time


I'm trying to calculate the "weeks to go" given a starting date and an overall duration of a project. Moreover, I would like this "weeks to go" field to be refresh every day as the number of weeks from the starting date changes.

Here's how I set up the formulas:

Input (manually):
- Starting date: 1st of March 2020 [date field]
- Total weeks estimated (duration): 20 weeks [number field]
Output:  To define how many weeks occur between today - 9th of March - and the “starting date” to calculate how many weeks are left.
Calculation fields:
- weeks from the starting date: weeks (or days) between today and the starting day. 
(moment().diff(moment(@Starting date),'day'))/7
- weeks to go: total weeks estimated (duration) - weeks from starting date
@Total Weeks Estimated - @Weeks from the aStarting Date
The calculations work but they have very inconsistent refresh time, which goes from a few hours to more than a month.
I've also tried doing the calc with "days" but nothing changes.
Any suggestion to make this calculation more efficient? 
Thank you!
Alberto Benetti

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Thank you Rainer.

I'll try to make Globiflow update the timer date field automatically.

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