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Cross Populating Apps

We currently use an app that we created called "Work Orders" that houses all projects (work orders) we create on a daily basis. We're looking to populate another app that would serve more as a calendar for some of our larger projects that we have in the "Work Orders" app. Is there a way for us to create one "Work Order" badge and have it populate over into the other app at the same time? Perhaps we have something within the template of the "Work Orders" app that once clicked, acts as the trigger for the other app to be populated with the same badge?

Any insight is appreciated.





Bryan Jones

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Hi Bryan,

You can use Podio workflows if you have Podio Plus or Advanced Workflow automation if you have Podio premium to do this

Add a category field and on change of the field, create/update items in the second app. Its a normal use case.

// Ansar 


Ansar Muhammad (Anz) 0 votes
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