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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Dear Users,

    Hope you all are staying safe.

    This is a reminder that the app item limits (500,000 items per app) will be applicable starting next week, and an update on the exact date when this app item limit goes live.

    Planned Date of Go-Live: 8th April 2020 (Wednesday)

    Please note:

    • This limit only applies for apps that currently have less than 500,000 items.
    • Apps that have already exceeded the limit, will not be impacted with this release, so as to avoid sudden disruption in your business operations.

    For instance,

    • If you have an app A which already has equal to or more than 500,000 items (say, 650,000 items), you will have business as usual on the app even after 8th April. Podio team will connect with you separately to work on reducing the app item count, allowing you a buffer timeline to adjust your business processes.
    • If you have an app B with less than 500,000 items (say, 410,000 items), you will have business as usual on the app till the count of items in the app reaches 500,000 items. After that, users will be unable to add more items to app B till items are deleted from the app to reduce the count before the limit.

    I believe, this illustration would help understand the change better.

    //Pallabi - Podio Product Manager

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  • Kathryn Gonzales

    Thank you for taking this difficult step forward. I imagine there will be some organizations that will feel put out by the necessity to suddenly change their business processes.

    That said, the recent and recurrent latency issues on Podio have caused some of our non-profit's mission-critical processes to slow or halt. This has left staff and clients without a reliable means to coordinate continuity of care, referral to community partners for further assistance, and general back-office functions like reimbursements and accounts payable.

    We've been with Podio since the beginning. And while Podio has grown much farther and faster than we have, we're happy to be customers and thankful for the thoughtful approach to platform development and maintenance that's been taken over all of these years.

    All our best from Out Youth in Austin, Texas! 

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Thanks for sharing Kathryn, we are happy and proud to continue to support your non-profit's critical work.


    Sara & Pallabi

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