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Calculating profit

I have created an income app and I have created an expenses app.

The income app has a field for the amount charged to the client and the expenses app has a field for the amount spent. 

I have been able to create a report on the dashboard for the total income per day and the total expenses per day.

I have tried so many ways to calculate profit but nothing is working. 

I even created a separate app for calculations with a relationship to the income app and expenses app and then a calculation field subtracting @all of income minus @all of expense but that calculation is not working.

Calculating a profit should be very simple thing but I am about to give up on podio  because I have spent too much time and getting no where...

Suelem Aguilar Ferman

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Hello Suelem,

the code depends on what the calculation should display. 
If you want one number "current proft" only: @sum of income - @sum of expenses. 
@all of income and @all of expenses you can't use for math operations cause e.g. @all of income holds each income number: [12,13,111,112], dito for expenses. 
If you want another result e.g. a list with the profit at the end of each month or for each day or something like that you need to describe it here. 


Rainer Grabowski 0 votes
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