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problem : Merge two fields with Globlifow


I have two APPs. "Precompte" and "Precompte3".

I would like that when an item is created in Precompte with the same Name and the same Year, globiflow update the item in Precompte3. '
but if item is created with the same Name but a different year. it creates a new item in Precompte3.

ect ect.

On globliflow, I can Search on one field but not two ... :(

I'm not sure if my flow on globliflow is on the right track, but I'm lost because Globliflow update all item with the same Name without considering the year


Isabelle Schmitz

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Hi Isabelle,

in Precompte3 add a hidden calculation field: @name + @year
so that you get something like John Doe2020
Name the calculation field Search Key

In the flow: 
add a variable 
searchKey = [Name].[Year]
Search for in Precompte3
where field Search Key is equal to [(Variable)] searchKey]
IF = [(Ref. Precompte3) Podio Item ID] != ""
update collected item in App Precompte3
End IF
IF = [(Ref. Precompte3) Podio Item ID] == ""
Create a new item
End IF


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