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How to create PDF, then add files to Google Drive folder automatically


I see that Podio allows to attach Google Drive files to Podio by selecting "Files" within the Podio item. This allows us to reference the Google drive file.

However, I (and I'm sure others) need the other way, to create a file in Podio and save this to Google Drive.

For example, I'm trying to create a PDF contract (I have successfully done this) and then save to the linked Google Drive account.  I see no way within Citrix Podio or Citrix Globiflow to save this file to the item to Google Drive and link reference the file from Podio item.


I see there are other third party apps (like Zapier etc.) that could do it, but I want to minimise as many integrations with external third party tools as possible. I' sure many Podio/Citrix users are waiting for this feature. 

Please could you let me know if this feature exists in Podio/Globiflow?

Many thanks,


Minerva Homes

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Hi Michael,

This is an excellent idea and certainly in our modern world we are using external cloud drives a lot more now.

I will definitely pass this on to our feature request team to review for integration in the next iteration of Podio.



Dana - Podio

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