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Calculation gives the wrong result on some records

Is there a reason why a calculation would give the correct result for most records, but a wrong answer for some?

For example, I have a calculation which takes the planned hours for a specific employer (work placement), and totals them. Of the 29 records which the calculation runs on, 7 of these have the wrong results when compared to the actual timetable.

The code is: 

var hours = @All of Planned hours (auto calc);
var emp = @All of Emp-Cal;
var sum= 0;

for (var i = 0; i < hours.length; i++) {
if (emp[i] == @All of Employer) {
sum += Number(hours[i]) || 0;

Emp-Cal is a calculation field used to turn the Relationship of Employer from the Timetable into a field I can access (a tip I found in another post in this forum). Employer is linked to the specific record in the app this calculation is in.

This screenshot is the result I get for the calculation, for one specific person / employer:

And this screenshot is the total according to the timetable app, for the same person / employer:

As far as I can tell, the report and the timetable should have the same result - it does for most records, but not all. Given that it seems the calculation must work correctly, what am I missing for why some results are wrong? The timetable is filtered to show the specific student, activity is work placement - why would this be different to the report?

Of the 7 which are wrong, 6 show lower figures in the timetable, 1 shows higher in the timetable. I suspect that I'm missing something in the timetable app rather than the calculation being off, but can't think what. I'd be grateful for any assistance!

Susan Warren

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Ah - OK. I was missing the check that activity == work placement from the IF statement. It should read

if ((emp[i] == @All of Employer) && (act[i] == "Work Placement")) 

This is now rectified, and all except one record is correct.

I still can't work out why the one record has the wrong figure, though!

Timetable is filtered to Student [name], Activity = Work Placement, Employer = [her employer] - and the total number of Planned hours does not match the report app.

However, it is only 1 student so it's likely to be something in her records rather than an error in the coding, so I will do some digging and find it.

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