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Creating a job and inventory app

Hey! So I've not used Podio in a few years and I'm coming back to it to help a friend of mine with a proof of concept.  One thing I do recall from when I used to use Podio a lot is that 9/10 if I run into a problem it's because I should've designed things differently right at the beginning... So I've played around and struggling to figure out the best way to achieve what I want and didn't want to spend a bunch of time designing something the wrong way! So what I'm trying to achieve is:

An app which is effectively a "store" of all items that are held by the company

A calendar app which new jobs can be booked in and equipment from the store can be populated into the job.

So far so easy.

The next behaviour I want is when I'm booking equipment into a second, concurrent, job to figure out how to get a list of equipment that isn't available because it's booked onto job 1 - how that could be displayed is up for debate!

That's the simple version - obviously over time he'll want to expand the functionality but this functionality would be a great starter for 10!



Ewan Matheson

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