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Inline Category ImprovementSuggestion

I use the Category block with Inline and Multiple choice options in almost every app. 

I like how easy it is to make multiple selections bit often times I have categories with 50 different categories. Most of the time, there are only 2-3 selected. However, after those 2-3 are selected, I'm still left with all the others on the page. I can see how convenient this is for ongoing editing and I'm not suggesting removing this feature. I do think there is room for an additional view option of the Inline Category block. I'd love to have an option where all the options are available for selection but where they disappear when not selected. Similar to how a drop-down list works. Another option would be to allow multiple choices on the dropdown. I realize this is complex but would like some consideration given. thank you.

Jeremy John Wells

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I like the idea of at creation showing all options and once a selection is made and the focus has moved off the field, only showing what is selected.  Click on it again and all of the options show up again.

I'd even like to see an option to allow selected items to appear on the top of the list when everything else reappears.

Both of these features should be controlled on the right-click of the field in the template modification.

Bethany Anderson 0 votes
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