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Need Ideas - Permissions for Outside Workspace Members Accessing Referenced Items

Sharing with the community as I'm hoping someone can help me find a solution to this. 

The nature of my business is that I hire a team of contractors to help work on our projects. I think podio would be a great place for that team to collaborate but my industry is also highly private about contacts.
Ideally, I’d have an admin workspace where my confidential information lives and then another workspace that can be collaborative. Currently, I set up a shared list of contacts (contact app) in the admin space and then I reference the contacts in the shared workspace. It was working great as we can see the list of potential candidates (from a contact app reference) but the outside users are not able to click through to those contacts to see anything other than the title. 
I did think about workspace contacts but unfortunately, the podio format is not customizable enough to meet our needs, I think. I’ll experiment but I also fear it would create a lot of duplication, not to mention I’d be starting from scratch. 
I also thought about each workspace having it's own contact app but that also creates a lot of potential duplication for me because I often work with the same people (from the contact app) on multiple projects. I'd have to duplicate that contact in several workspaces and that creates versioning issues for me. 
I wish there was just a way that if a contact was referenced (from another workspace) that the person in the shared workspace could see just that contact… Going to the contact app and sharing the individual items works BUT sharing individually is an admin headache, as it would be time prohibitive to both add and then remove later. 
I really believe podio could work for this. Surely there are others who collaborate with contractors/consultants/outside members and have encountered similar issues. 
Jeremy John Wells

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In the collaborative app you can reference the fields from the Contact app in the administrative workspace.

1. In the collaborative app, create a reference field (we'll call it Contact), and this field selects a Contact from the administrative workspace.

2. Right by the Contact field, create a calculation field that references whatever data you want to show about the Contact.

ex: 'Address: ' + @Contact Address + '\n' + 'Phone: ' + @Contact Phone

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I changed it to

'Phone:' + @All of Phone

but I'm now getting it to read Phone:[object Object] 

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