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Filtering Members from an Item based on a Category

I am working on a scheduling app for our wedding events. We have photo, video, and DJ team members. I want to limit the "members" field to only populate entries based off of their "Creative Type" category in our Employee Directory. I've already created True/False statements based on their role type. Is this possible to filter with Globiflow?

EDIT: I currently have it built out using references from a view within Employee Directory but am looking to tie it directly to Members accounts for tasking/notification purposes

True/False Statements


Member Population


Bryce Bobula

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Hi Bryce,

that's possible with Globiflow. I assume "Services" is a multi choice category field. You need to search for each of the selected service categories in the field CT Calculation in the Employee Directory (you don't need the true/false fields). 

photoIDs = ""
videoIDs = ""
For each Services (selected)
Search For items in app Employees where field CT Calculation is equal to [Services]
For each (Ref.) Employee item
If (Sanity Check) = [Services] == "Photo" 
photoIDs = [(Variable) photoIDs].",".[(Ref. Employee) Podio Item ID]
End IF
If (Sanity Check) = [Services] == "Video" 
videoIDs = [(Variable) videoIDs].",".[(Ref. Employee) Podio Item ID]
End IF
Update item 
Photo Team = Calc [(Variable) photoIDs]
Video Team = Calc [(Variable) videoIDs]

This would add ALL Employees who are tagged with "Photo" in the field "Creative Type" to the field "Photo Team" and all Video tagged persons to the field "Video Team". The IFs in the flow can be enhanced with more conditions, e.g if this person isn't alreadyy booked for that date. 
photoIDs and videoIDs are custom variables in Globiflow. 


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