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How to fill in automatically some fields in the app A from the App B?

Hi! I hope you can help me, I want to Autofill a Field from one app to another

Mi first app is “Companies”. In this app I have information like its location.

The second app is “Quotation”. I referenced the App “Companies” to choose the name of the Company in the first field “Empresa” from my App “Quotation”.


When I choose that, it shows me more information that is important in the quotation. For example, the location. In this case is Lima.


I want to choose the name of the Company in my first field “Empresa” from the App “Quotation” and automatically fill in the location of the Company in the field “Ubicación” (in Spanish)  from my app “Quotation”, because this information has been registered before in the App “Companies”.

Help me, please


Marlene Campos Loyola

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