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Export items to customized pdf

Hello, I've been using Podio for a few months now, and also about 2 years before. 

I like it because I can customized and create apps how I want, regarding the work I do.

But it lacks the most common feature every other CRM has: the ability to print Items, and customized them. For ex. I have an item in my Audit app, and I need to print it for the client to show him what I've been working... 

It looks so unprofessional!!!! Just a white page with the text on it. No ability to put a header or to customized in any other way....

If I use an external app like "Item export for Podio", they export it with a good design, but it takes time, and I don't appreciate to allow other third parties to access my data or my clients data, according to GDPR risks.


Why is that hard to export a customized PDF? 

What are my solutions? I'm at the point that I will give up Podio and move tu SharePoint or Zoho CRM, because they have this solution. 

I've tried Globiflow but is to complex for me....  

All i need is that I can customized the way my items look when I print them. Nothing special (a heather and footer, and a simple design to the details - it can look like the webform design fr example)

I can't get an external app for the number of prints I have to made, is to expensive... If you can offer a solution, is cheaper to move on other CRM. 




Emil Mailat

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