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Embedded webforms in-app bug

Embedding webforms as iframe on websites is in my opinion a key feature in Podio since it makes it a good competitor to the Google Apps Suite (Google Forms) and similar.

The embed has some kind of JS-script magically calculating the height of the iframe. This calculation DOES NOT WORK accurately in in-app browsers giving a terrible user experience - a lot of people will simply give this up. This means for traffic coming from Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and every other app using in-app browser the webform is practically impossible for the user to submit - the longer form, the bigger the problem. For us this is about 50% of all traffic.

See video below, first test in Safari and then in-app Safari:

  1. Anyone else having this issue? For me it's a major problem!
  2. I'm aware that I can program my own webform with the great API, and I did this with our most important form, but that takes like 20 times the effort and you have either be or afford a programmer to do it.

All the best,


Technical details:
IOS 13.3
Browser: Safari + Safari (in-app)
Frontend framework: Bootstrap (but I have the same experience in raw HTML etc)

Stefan Falkboman

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