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To have a function to view the history of your activity about yourself (ex. vacation)

I work as a customer support and I use Podio to fill in 200clients' information a day. 

We also use Podio for recording days off. 

When I try to check when I filled in the information of my vacation, I need to scroll down 200 × number of my working days's history to reach there.

Ex. I would like to double check when I filled in my vacation in Podio some time 2 months ago(Let's say 50 working days before), I will have to scroll down 
200clients info×50 working days=10000 my akitiviy history to reach there.

I'd be happy if there is a function in Podio to sort your own activity about yourself. (If I click “my profile”, I'll be able to see the history of my activity about myself,-when I filled in the info of my vacation.)

Overall we're happy with Podio and we'll keep using it. I hope we'll be able to use this function some time soon.

Takashi Kurabayashi

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