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How to send a custom email?

Hello, pretty new to Podio. I've automated a few processes which is pretty cool.

I'm a leaflet distribution business, I use podio to manage my jobs and customers. We have a live GPS tracking system, which I've incorporated into Podio so it sends the GPS tracking links out to my customers when we start their delivery, also an email when the jobs done...

I have a quote form on my website which asks for basis info then it goes into more information which I need in order to provide my customers with a quote. I am wondering if there's a way I can maybe somehow setup a pre configured email and 'fill in the blanks' so it sends a nice email over to my potential customer with my quote on.

I have a Quote App, Customer App and a JobBooking App at the moment.

Thanks in advance



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April here with the Podio team. Automated, customized emails are available through Podio's Workflow Automations system (previously called GlobiFlow). This feature is available for Podio Premium organizations. If you'd like to learn more, take a look here:


April Hamilton
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