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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jasha, 

    the tables in calculation fields are not responsive - means: if the screen resolution is too low and/or the browser zoom too high the lines don't fit. Even having the comment pane expanded shrinks the table width and can lead to ugly line breaks. For me your table fits perfect, there's not too much text in one line. My browser zoom setting is 100% , my screen resolution 1920x1080 (native setting) and font size is medium. 

    Markdown tables are sometimes hard to format nicely, you don't have many options. For some things you need to know some tricks or you need some elaborated code (e.g. for line breaks in a column). 


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  • Carson Young - Red Cliff Labs

    My experience is that anytime you use tables with significant amounts of text it does get hard to format them in a 'pretty' way using the available fields. 

    Based on your comment for really hoping to stay with your current setup as much as possible my initial idea would simply be to try adding additional horizontal line dividers to separate each section.

    You already have :--- |:--- | used to create a horizontal line between the table title row...have you tried using that to add visual separation between each row of your table?


    Side Note - I would be concerned having all of these important notes contained in a single multi-line text field that multiple people can edit. Too plausible for someone to misunderstand the markdown settings and edit/delete things in that text field that mess it up for everyone involved. 

    As you already choose to change the formatting and display it into a calculated field, I would far prefer to have each of your processes as individual text fields, and then combine those all into a calculation field with the full summary displayed in a table. 

    This way people can more easily edit only the field they are responsible to update, and avoid having the markdown syntax in the combined text field. - just a thought.

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