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Ability to import without overwriting existing TAGS

Looking for the ability to choose if TAGS are replaced or append to existing when importing new data.

There have been many situations where we import data from another source that did not originally come from Podio.
This data can be matched to existing Podio items however using the de-dupe key during import, based on a specific file ID# we use.

The file ID#'s already in podio have existing Tags that we do not want to lose.

We would really like to include a tag with this new import to label the impacted ID's showing they were part of the new update such as "Oct16Update"

This would allow us to filter for any of our property files that were included in this mass update.

I know tags can be semi-colon separated...but the problem is we do not have the current tags in the sheet we want to upload (since it didn't come from a previous Podio export)

I've tried testing with various scenarios, such as using a leading semi-colon like ";Oct16Update" to see if it would recognize that semi-colon and simply add this new tag to the previous tags set on a property.

Unfortunately no testing has been successful.

Would LOVE to see a way to import this new list with a new tag, but not completely overwrite the existing tags on each podio item.

Carson Young - Red Cliff Labs

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Hi Carson,

April here with the Podio team. Thanks for your feedback! I've passed this request along to our development team for consideration. With any luck, we can get this feature added into Podio!

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