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Update Credit card

We had 2 credit cards on file. Changed active card, but Podio defaulted to the first one and a failed payment occured. Changed again, with same result. Everytime I did this, Podio charged 0,92 €. Finally i added a new card, ie the same I had on file and wanted to activate. Now there is only one card and payment ok. So even if there is possibilities to have several cards, you cannot choose which one to be active?

Johan Skibdahl

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Hi Johan,

April here with the Podio support team. Currently, Podio only supports one payment option at a time - we don't have a system to switch between several saved cards. However, I've passed this request along to our development team. They'll look this request over and see if it can be implemented!

Thanks for your feedback!

April Hamilton 0 votes
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