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Appending an item to a relationship filed USING GLOBIFLOW


Add a new item to the field without losing the existing references:
Relationship-Field(Previous Value) . "," . Podio-Item-ID

The above is the example in the Globiflow help but I'm not sure I am using it right.

I am trying to use a custom php action in Globiflow to get the current value of a relationship field in a form and append a second relationship by referencing the podio item ID in the other app where the relationship items live.

I'm not clear of the syntax for this? 

The above expression as I understand it should get the previous content of the relationship field and a comma and append an additional relationship item. How do I specify that second item? ie state its ID

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A) Don't use the field's Previous Value, use the normal field token of the relationship field. 
B) You must get the Podio Item ID of the item you want to append. That means that you need an action (Get Referenced, Search for, Get Podio View) to get/find the item you want to append. Then you can select in the token list [(Ref. item) Podio Item ID]. 
Update this item 
field name = Calc [field name].",".[(Ref. item) Podio Item ID]

Or the other way round if you want to update the relationship field of another item: First an action to get find the other item, then 
Update Collected item(s) 
field name = Calc [(Ref. item) name of rel. field].",".[(Item) Podio Item ID]

[some text] = (blue) field token


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