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Premium User: Personal Podio Contact - Domain Setup - External Users

I need to get my organization up and running and add a couple of external users to be able to start working. As a premium user I'm supposed to have someone assigned to me and a personal podio contact, which I can't find anywhere. Aside from this after updating my email address I had a previous ticket regarding excel uploads and relationships that is no longer visible. As far as the system goes I absolutely love podio as a solution, but response time form the team as far as I have been seeing in the forum is not great. 

Eduardo A. Guevara V.

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Hi Eduardo,

I apologize for the inconveniences and I've responded to your open Podio support tickets. Going forward, I'll assist you from there. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

//Brenton - Podio

Brenton 0 votes

same issue. I have a premium account, and need to add a few external members, but it is charging me for each member, $24 per user. How do I add free external members?

Tarique Brown 0 votes