Can I include images in my Podio Webform?



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Ellen,

    no, that's not possible. But what about this workaround: If you have your own website, you can embed the webform in this website (in an iFrame). Around the iFrame you can show your images and the users can select in a category field in the web from the numbers of the style they want. 


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  • Ellen Lichtenstein

    Thanks Rainer, I appreciate the feedback. 

    I will have to see if there's a way I can do that. I don't have any direct control over our company's website (it's a large organization) so I can't just do it myself. But good to know there's a workaround! 

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  • Lennie

    Hello Rainer,

    I'm trying to do almost the same thing, the difference is that I do not want my clients to select an image in the category field, I want to actually post an image in my webform. I was thinking maybe using the help text (using img src or something) or the image field (a pre-filled image field) if possible. But I barely know where to start or if this is even possible.

    Thank you

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  • Simon Midtgaard Guldberg

    Just wanted to check again: Is this still not possible? - and not via some smart code in a calc field?

    Embedding is fine, but sometimes that is not an option. Then, it would be very nice to be able to insert a picture on a webform.

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  • Gustavo Ferreira

    You can add images into the Title/Description and/or After submission fields via an img html tag e.g. <img height=175 src=""> according to Pete Cuff

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