Multiple dates in an item



  • Kent Watson

    Hi Miguel,

    You can't add additional dates within the one date field,

    However you could create a Date app and reference that from a relationship field.  Depending on your needs this may have the advantage of allowing you to include some additional information about that date.

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  • Bregt Van Wijnendaele

    Hi Miguel

    I have the same issue, but can't figure out how the separate Date app could help.

    I'm having a "booking" app which books items from a "product" app. The date of the booking is however scattered over different slots, for example: 15/11/2018 from 08:00 untill 13:00 & from 14:00 until 17:00, starting again the day after with different times,... So I would need a proper calendar where I can add multiple slots. A single day is not giving the exact information.

    And text fields aren't the solution since I need it to appear in the calendar view & be able to calculate hours out of the date info...

    Could you please help?

    Thanks so much

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  • Vanessa Mitchell

    Agreed - by having two different date fields it restricts the ability to set filter correctly. The filters seem to work on an 'AND' basis rather than 'OR' - if it were 'OR' you could filter across the multiple date fields.

    Therefore I either have to update the field and lose the historic date data point, or limit the usability of filters....

    Please consider adding a multi-date functionality in a single field!!

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  • Kent Watson

    Hi Vanessa,

    Do you have Globiflow or Podio workflows?  Here is an example.  Fill out the fields in the red box, click the Create Calendar button in the green box.  The automated workflows kick in and create the Calendar item and attach it in the Calendar field in the blue box.  Change any of the data in the red box and create a new calendar item attached to this item.  All your filtering then happens on the one date field in the Calendar app.  Maybe everything in the red box stays the same except for the # Date Range field.  Make sure you allow for time entry in your dates. 



    Depending on what you want to do with the data, you may want to create an End Date field in the Calendar app that is also set by the workflow automation, this will then allow you to access the end date via Podio calculation field.  This is useful if you want to calculate the duration of the appointment using Podio calculation.  Alternately use the Globiflow to calculate duration and add that value to a duration field to the calendar.


    Hope that helps


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