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Organization field in Contact App


I have one simple question:

When creating a new App, Type=Contact, there is a field "Organization" that can't be deleted. Why? What is the point of this field? What it is supposed to do?

I don't like having fields that are useless, it is not good for users, who will ask why !

If it was a relationship field linked to another "Organization" App, why not, but it is not the case.

Thank you

Matthieu K Completed

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Hi all,

You can now use the "always hide" setting in the app template to hide organization fields completely.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Hi Matthieu,

I also wondered the same.  I suspect its purpose is to do with the contacts app being able to sync with other Contact management tools.  If you don't use it and prefer to use a relationship field as I do, then move that field to the bottom of the list, set it to be hidden if empty, and add your relationship field.  If you have no plans to sync your contacts ever, then you could easily create a standard app.

Kent Watson 0 votes

Kent is right :) There are certain fields in a contact type app that are required in order to sync with external contact services like PieSync (which currently is the main benefit of using the contact app type). 

/Jacquelyn - Podio 

Jacquelyn May 0 votes

The organisation field is not visible in Globiflow when the contact app is referred.

What are your plans for fixing this? As long as this is not corrected I am forced to have a Organisation text field in the contact app which is quite stupid when the app already has an organisation field

John Martinussen 0 votes

Hi Matthieu,

We will work to make it possible to also remove or hide the organization field. More updates should come soon!

@John Martinussen, we have followed up with GlobiFlow and hope they will add support for this field in the future. Unfortunately it is something GlobiFlow need to complete on their side.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

Have there been any developments/ solutions for the mandatory organization field in the contact app?

I have to hide this field due to the poor search function on this field and the risk of inaccurate customer names being entered by team members.

One major issue that I am experiencing is that when a user is adding an item (in this case a Lead - shown in the screenshot below), the contact name is visible, however, because the organisation is not set (per reason above) it is not clear what organisation/ company a contact works for when adding them to a new lead. The risk here is that the incorrect contacts will be referenced on Leads/ Quotes/ Projects.

I am finding more and more issues similar to this which reduces the functionality of this tool for my team. Any help/ suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.



Lisa Costin 1 vote