Only show select items in calendar based on category field



  • Kent Watson

    Hi Carson,

    Up the top of all views their is a funnel icon.  clicking on this allows you to filter the view.  As with other views you can then save calendar views.  move your desired view to the top of the list and it will be the default view.  Hope this helps

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  • Carson Young - Red Cliff Labs

    @Kent - thanks. I do know the filter options...I should have mentioned originally this is for exporting to other calendars (I use G-Cal)

    It works best to sync the Workspace calendar as a whole rather than having to go to each individual app and sync up calendars. When doing this, the filtered views make no difference. 

    Sorry for neglecting to mention that initially.

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  • David Čeřovský

    Same issue with import to gcall here, we dont want to delete events but just change their status to "canceled" so they will disapper from the calendar view. But I dont think its possible, there is no options for the exported Gcall settings

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