Attempting to upload a file



  • Andrew Fields

    I figured it out.

    When PodioFile::upload() is called, "$filepath" must be the FULLPATH TO THE FILENAME, not just the "directory" the file is in.

    Of course, this sort of error could be *easily* avoided if on the "documentation" page here:

    an EXAMPLE was presented showing actual "code" instead of this:

      PodioFile::upload( $file_path, $file_name );

    which is basically useless (I can get that much information by looking at PodioFile.php, which is how I solved the problem when I saw what it was doing...)



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  • Jacquelyn May

    Glad you were able to get it working! In the future, API questions should be directed to Stack Overflow:

    This will be the best place to get help from other developers. 

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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