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  • Jean-Claude Massé

    What do you mean by contact user? WS contact?

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  • mvm Top Management

    hi Jean,

    im sorry, i mistelled it.

    i mean, "Workspace contact"



    I choose a person from "a workspace contact", in an item in "workspace A".

    Item trigger another item in "workspace B". Chosen person (same email address) is "workspace contact" in A, and a "workspace member" in B.

    In this situation, i m trying to match them automaticly with globiflow.

    In words of one syllable, im trying to convey a data from contact field (workspace contacts) to another contact field (workspace members.)


    Thanks for your help.


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  • Jean-Claude Massé

    The issue is that WS contact are not linked to a profile like member. And if I'm right, you need to use profile ID for member (but you can use email for WS contact).

    What you can do is to create an app in a workspace where all your member are in. In this app, you add a Member contact field and create an item for each member. Also, add email field and put email in it.

    When you want to sync, from A to B (so from email WS contact), you do a search item in the new app using the email field (use contain). In App B, just update the contact field with the search result in new app.

    If you have question about using GF, I suggest you to join the GF workspace in Podio. A lot of people can help you

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