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Anchor links to jump to specific app field

Hi Podio,

I found a tiny bug but which would make life easier for my clients.
In bigger apps it's very useful to be able to use anchors to let a user jump to a specific section.


The great thing is that it already works if you first visit and only in a second phaze add #app-field-external-id
It doesn't however when you visit directly (probably because there is so much logic associated with anchors at the initial loading of the page and he does not recognize the tag.

Can this be fixed?

PJ Muller

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A fix would be great +1.
We use a workaround: In large apps under the title field we have a calculation field "Direct jumps". There are some field names listed which have links. The calculation looks like: 

[Bottom](#app-field-external-id of the last field) +  " " + [field y](#app-field-external-id) +  " " + [field x](#app-field-external-id) ....
Rainer Grabowski 1 vote

@Rainer and @Podio.

So just to clarify, and that we are on the same page. The calculation thing works. So when the page is already loaded and then you click on an anchor link. We jump.

However it doesn't work if you came from an external source and load the page + anchor at the same time.

Please fix :)

PJ Muller 1 vote

I completely concur with getting this addressed or resolved in some way. I just figured out the trick myself but saw that if it is part of the link on first load it doesn't work. This would greatly help our clients in reviewing our work in a section made just for them. Thanks!

Jonathan J. Judge 0 votes