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  • nealpatil

    Hi Martina,


    Create Relationship field in Contracts App

    Choose Vendor-App for relationship.


    Modify Vendor-app reference badge to include vendor-code in display of vendor.


    Add Contract with proper vendor  .

    The result of Contract-item should also show Vendor-info having Vendor Code.


    Contract record details will show Vendor with Vendor code.


    There are two help documents which will help you do the above.




    Please let me know if it works or if you have any questions regarding the above.


    Calculation part can be shown by experts like Rainer and other community members.


    NealPatil AT gmx.com

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  • Martina

    Hello Neal!

    Thanks for your reply. However this option does not work for me, because when I export to excel the field is not there. Therefore I want to have a separate field with the code but the question is how to get it. 

    Any suggestions?



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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Martina,

    I assume both apps are related. Create a calculation field in Contracts and enter:

    @all of vendore code.toString()

    After entering @ a list pops up from where you can select the field "vendore code". If it is not shown cause there are too many fields just go on entering the code, the list gets  smaller.


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  • Martina

    Hello Rainer!

    It seems like the formula returns blank value. 

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    What does the preview show (under the field - type a blank after () and you see the preview)?
    Did you save the template? Is the field in all items blank?
    Is there a Vendor item related?
    Do you have 2 relations between both apps (from Vendors to Contracts and from Contracts to Vendors)? If so, you've to take care to select the right token in the dropdown, cause you've 2 tokens for each field  - incoming and outgoing. 

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