Automated progress bars (related to sub tasks)



  • Ethan Unzicker

    This is definitely a great idea! The progress bars are kiiiinda pointless right now because a lot of changes to it are arbitrary. Having this be automated would be fantastic!

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  • Kent Watson

    HI Niklas,


    This can be achieved if you are using GlobiFlow.

    Alternately you can ditch your progress bar for your deliverables and projects and replace them with calculated fields

    Deliverable Progress = @Avg of Task Progress

    Project Progress = @Avg of Deliverable Progress

    In the properties of the calculation field you can set the units to "%"

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  • Niklas Schöttner

    Hello Kent,

    thanks a lot.
    I used the calculated fields to show the progress.

    Problem solved! :)

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  • Victoria Aparicio

    Hello, I want to do the same, I want to show the avg of some fields in a calculation field, but I want to show like the progressbar.

    Please help me

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  • Kent Watson

    Hi Victoria,

    You could try this.  I haven't tested it when the average progress is 0 or 100.  Let me know if there are any issues

    var prog = Math.floor(@Avg of Progress * 500/100);
    var bal = 500 - prog;
    var col = "677BDE";
    var txt = Math.floor(@Avg of Progress).toString();
    write = "![](" + prog + "x" + 25 + "/" + col + "/" + "FFFFFF" + ".png&text=" + txt.toUpperCase() + ")" + "![](" + bal + "x" + 25 + "/C0C0C0/C0C0C0.png&text=0)";


    Good luck!


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