10.08.2016 - Edit your Google events directly from Podio calendar!



  • Reece Carter


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  • Suresh Paul

    This is great, it would be lovely to have a full sync with Google.  

    It would also be nice if the defualt view on calendar included the current date 

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  • Michelle

    Hi Sara, this is excellent, but we're having an issue with the sync. Not sure if I can explain this correctly . .  but here goes:

    Very basically:- We've setup a workflow (using Globiflow), so that when we set an appointment (ie: 24th Aug - 10.00AM), it appears in our Podio Calendar (24th Aug - 10.00AM), and then is pushed to our Google Calendar. This workflow alerts us via email.

    We've set Podio to USA - Eastern Time, and have also setup the Google Account (Calendar) to the same timezone.

    When the email comes through, the time shown in the email is our local timezone (NZDT) and not EST.

    Any idea's why this is happening and how we can make sure it's all sync'd correctly?


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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Michelle,

    We would need to see a few screenshots of your flow to help identify the error you are seeing. Could you submit this via "Contact support" in top right corner of the Help Centre? Then we can take a look and help you fix this :)


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  • Michelle

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for your reply  . . . .  it was a Globiflow issue - they have now reset the timezone for us and all's well.


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  • Tony Barlow

    Hi Sara

    When you say it can edit directly from Podio calendar, is it meant to load up Google Calendar when you click on the event inside Podio calendar? I was under impression you can edit within Podio calendar. 


    Also, when I remove or cancel an event from a Podio app - it doesn't remove the event from the Google Calendar it was sent to. Is that the functionality Podio is looking to work on re 2 way sync as original thread indicated. 

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  • Glauber Carvalho

    New to Podio here :)

    After using this feature for a bit, it seems that events we do at Google Calendar do not go to Podio. 

    It is very nice to have it in one direction, but please keep up the good work! 

    (Pls let me know if it's possible and I have done something halfway :)


    I have found this article, but it does not work like that in my set up. Event from Google do not sync into my calendar here. 

    EDIT 2

    OK, so if I change the calendar from one app, that change goes to the google calendar. 

    If I change the google calendar, that change goes from GC to Podio general calendar, but not to the App. 

    For people with the same problem... 


    So, the two-way sync actually exists, but only on the "global" level? The "global" level does not accept new events.  

    It seems to have a gap between Podio "global" Calendar and the App Calendar. 

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  • Henry Angeli

    When I delete an appointment from Podio, it still is not updating and deleting it from my Google Calendar.  How do I get it to do this?

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