Webform Redirect URL Not Working



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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    This is currently expected behaviour if webform is embedded within your website: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/articles/201019628-Webforms

    Note: If your webform is embedded within your website, using a URL redirect will open the redirected webpage from within the webform frame on your website, rather than redirecting the entire browser tab. This is because the webform is embedded as an iframe, and actions can only be performed from within the iframe.

    /Sara - Podio

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Rajat,

    We are able to help via a private support ticket here: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or click "Contact support". We would need a bit more information about your webforms (url and redirect url), so we can try to reproduce.

    When you say the new webpage appears within the same page do you mean in same browser tab? This is expected behaviour from the re-direct. You will be sent to a new page but in same browser tab.

    //Sara - Podio


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  • Jessica Blakemore

    I have that same issue. When you embed the Podio code into your website it creates and iframe for the Podio form to load. If you set the form to redirect to a new URl, all it does is load your specified URL in the original iframe it created for the form. It never really takes you to a new page.


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  • Alex Patton

    same issue and it shouldn't be looked as a 'private support ticket'.  Looks like it is the expected behavior.  

    However, it is problematic.  


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  • Bajarang

    This is really a very old thread but if someone needs then can do following workaround:

    1) Create a new HTML page say 'test.html' which will have only code in script tag like as below, please change your HTML page name to final page name in the following code:

    <html lang="en-US">
    window.parent.location.href = 'final.html';

    2) In Webform form submission setting please redirect the user on above HTML page

    So now when the form submits Podio will redirect to the above temporary HTML page and the temporary page will reload the main parent page with the correct HTML page.

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