Option to make File attachment mandatory required!



  • Mike Davis

    As a temporary workaround, you may be able to use an external form system such as jotform and globiflow webhooks to create a custom form that may give you the functionality for which you are looking.

    With globiflow, you could definitely do an immediate check for an attached file when a form is submitted. If there is no file, an email could automatically be sent requesting the document be sent in a reply email. When globiflow receives the file, it can upload it automatically to the item.

    If you would like to consider a specialist to help you, podio has a partner program that can connect you to external consultants like myself who can help.

    You can request help on this at the link below.


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  • Duke Opsahl

    Podio Team, why is it so difficult to add a little check box on podio file attachments to make it compulsory. Can you explain that to us for once and not give us work arounds. There is no point in sending an email afterwards, the damage is done, force the file attachment or nothing in my opinion. Making something mandatory in a database should be 1,2,3 and done. Just tell us why you cant add it???????????????????

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Thanks for sharing your vote and feedback Duke, much appreciated.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Polen Impacto Social

    I need this too!! 

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  • Dayna Tomlin

    Have there been any updates on this feature?


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  • Carlos Hernandez

    Hello Dayna,

    We have this feature added within our internal requests for future improvements of the software to see if we can implement this in the near future. I have gone ahead and associated your request with the internal incident.

    Depending on the total number of "upvotes" is the likelihood of this feature being implemented. :)

    We appreciate your patience and understanding!

    //Carlos - Podio

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  • Andrew Francis

    Add me to the list of those who need this option... it really shuts down the simplicity and effectiveness of a webform for so many uses if the attachment can't be required. 


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