Suming all previous amounts in one app related to another


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Richard,

    one way is to use Globiflow and link all previous invoices (from the same account) to the new created invoice. Then create a calculation field and enter

    @sum of invoice amount.

    If you don't use Globiflow it will be a bit more complicated.

    1. Create a calculation field "All invoices" n the Accounts App:

    var amount = @all of amount field in invoices;
    var date = @all of invoice date in invoices;
    var result = [];
    for(var i = 0, i < amount.length; i++){;
    result.push(moment(date[i]).format("YYYYMMDD") + "_"+ amount[i]);

    You should get something like: 20160630_1000.00;20160710_2000.00 ... etc.

    2. Now create a calculation field in Invoices:

    var date = moment(@invoice date).format("YYYYMMDD");
    var prev = @all of all invoices.toString().split(";");
    var sumPrev = 0;
    var sumPrev = 0;
    for(var i = 0; i < prev.length; i++){
    dateString = prev[i].substr(0,prev[i].indexOf("_"));
    amount = prev[i].substr(prev[i].indexOf("_")+1);
    if(Number(dateString) < Number(date)){
    sumPrev += Number(amount);


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