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transfer comments from one item to another

Does anyone know of a way to transfer the comment history from one item to another?

We inadvertently have two items (Customers) which are supposed to be the same item; one has the legal name of the business, one the d.b.a. name.  The d.b.a. item has nothing worth retaining but its comment history.  If I had access to the database, it would probably be simply a matter of changing the value of the parent key field containing the item id to the value of the item that we want to keep.

However a function integrated in Podio, or even an API function would work.

Has anyone ever encountered a need to do this and/or know of a way to accomplish it?

Thanks in advance.


René Valencourt

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This would be awesome .. especially as a start for a "merge" function for duplicates and their related items

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