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Update relationship on item

Hello , I have a app that has a app field, I'm using Podio API, I want to get a list of app and update that field(relation field).


$callrecordingg = array(
array('item_id' => 418189255),
array('item_id' => 418205484)

PodioItem::update($item->item_id, array('fields' => array(
$idList => array('values' => array($callrecordingg)),

this is the message Uncaught PodioBadRequestError: "Invalid value null (null): must be Range"

also I did something like this

$item2 = PodioItem::get_basic(intval($item->item_id));
$field_id = 'list-calls';

// Set using associative array
$item2->fields[$field_id]->values = array(
array('item_id' => 418189255 ),
array('item_id' => 418205484 )



and with this nothing happened.

Victoria Aparicio

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PodioItem::update expects full item status (not only updated field values). In that case error is caused by missing values in some of the other fields (the one you did not provide) - most likely Duration or Progress field.

The second approach seems like the way to go - first fetch item values using get_item, modify the array, and use the PodioItem.update to update all item values.




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