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    Jacquelyn May

    Hi Stefan,

    Currently there isn't a way to include the related items when you print an item. I definitely see the use-case here though, I will forward this to our product team for consideration!

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Adonis Polycarpou

     Hi Jackuelyn,

    We have the same problem and I was discussing the last days this issue with Carlos Hernandez from Podio Support, and he advised me to add the problem to Podio Help Centre Community.

    We have the same issue as Stefan above. Could you update us if you did anything on that?

    The issue raised back in April 2016 without any solution yet (after 2 years). 

    Without being an IT expert, it is my opinion that this is an easy task.

    Thank you

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  • Allan Valverde

    Hello Adonis,


    Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot do at this time.


    I really apologize.





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