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Need help with API

Hi everybody,


I am new at podio. Me and my colleague use the App Clients. Now we created some new contacts in this app an to every entry we leave comments like what happend at the last visit or whats urgent for this Client for the next call or visit. Now we want to create a complete backup including the comments we made. It would be enough, when we could Export all the Information, but it is importend to Export the comments too.

Podio told me that there is a way to do this with API. In fact I am no Computer scientist, I dont know what API is and I am not able to do this by my own.

Now I hope that somebody can help me with this Problem.


Thank you very much


Marcel Bartholomäi

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Hi Marcel,


Full backup of your data is not supported out of the box in Podio. But it is possible to do it using our API.

It is not trivial though. It will have to be a succession of different calls to make that happen.

We can guide you though it but if you are not a computer scientist I would recommend you to use one of our partner's backup extension that you can find here





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