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Automatic email when contact fields are updated

Hi, I work for an organisation that uses Podio as a database for all its members. We have different pages for all of them, and we ask them to update their contact details in specific contact fields (primary, secondary, and third contact person). The problem is that everytime someone updates their page in Podio, we need to update our lists in Outlook, as well.

Could Podio API generate an automatic email whenever a contact field gets updated?

Thank you!



Nicole, Anna, Elisabetta

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Hi Nicole!

You should use to keep both Podio and Outlook in sync (as long as you use Office 365). It's included in Podio Premium or you can purchase piesync for 19USD/month.

Automatic emails can be setup using GlobiFlow if you prefer to keep it a manual process.

Best regards,

Elvenite, Podio authorized partner

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